By day I work on write articles on sex and relationships for a prominent website. By night I create fantasies for our reading pleasure. 

​ Some of these fantasies I actually get to live out and others are meant to remain only fantasies - at least for me. For you my fantasies might be the seeds that lead to your own real life erotic adventures. 

 I'm a woman who believes wholeheartedly that the most erogenous part of any body is the brain. I like to use mine to dream up my most outlandish desires and most perverse fantasies. 

 I used to be content to work at them for my own solo pleasure. Then I began introducing them to the bedroom to spice things up with partners. 

 Now I want to share them all with you. I want to share all my private lustful thoughts. 

 I want you to enjoy my ideas and the scenarios I concoct and that send jolts of sexual energy coursing through my body. 

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